About Us

The Legal Earth is a full service law firm Bangladesh aiming to provide honest, effective, timely and bonafide legal services to its clients. It has highly qualified and efficient Lawyers working in the firm who can advise on any legal issues and also represent clients in any Corporate matter's. We ensure transparency which mentors reliability because that is the essence of Legal Ethics in our firm.

The best attribute a lawyer can possess is the ability to empathize with the situation of their client, in order to obtain the best possible outcome for them. The legal Earth is a distinctive law firm in Bangladesh, which has expanded due to the efforts and work ethic led by its partners and upheld by associates of the firm to help all those who cross the threshold seeking legal advice, regardless of their social standing or financial capacity.

The Legal Earth & its lawyers are considered by many to be leading & specialist legal services provider with regards to business setup, entity formation and entity support. The team has excellent knowledge, experience and skill in the area. In The Legal Earth's experience company formation takes between 10 to 20 days ordinarily and other services such as Tax certificates & registrations, Import & Export registrations & permissions, Licenses etc take considerably lower time than before due to streamlining of several processes in the recent past.

Our team